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Q: Is it mandatory to apply for online permits for crossing the interstate border?

A: Online vehicle permit for travel outside the State shall be mandatory for all government vehicles including those with double digit registration numbers. The same shall however be exempted in respect of vehicles attached to the Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary, DGP, ACS Home, District Collectors and Superintendent of Police in Districts and the vehicles of dignitaries provided with pilot / escorts.


Q: Will the offline permits issued by District Administration for crossing of Interstate Border still be valid?

A: No, all offline permits for government vehicles, so far being issued by the District Administrations, Commissions, Boards or any other institutions, shall be discontinued w.e.f 01.12.2023


Q: Where do I need to produce my permit?

A: At respective Interstate Exit and Entry Check posts falling enroute.


Q: Can I extend the return date of my existing permit?

A: Yes, the provision for extension of the return date is available at the Homepage banner: “Apply for Tour Extension.” 


Q: Which destinations can I travel with this permit? 

     A: The permit issued for Government vehicle allow you to travel only within Kalimpong and Darjeeling Districts and up to NJP Railway station & Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal.









Q: Do I have to pay while applying the permit for Official Tour outside the state?

A: No, but you will need to upload the copy of approved tour programme / tour approval note.


Q: How will I obtain the permit for Official Tour if it is an emergency travel and I have to travel on verbal orders?

A: Your request will be accepted on the basis of the programme details uploaded and the permit will be issued. However you will have to upload the copy ofapproved tour programme / tour approval note within 15 days from the date of travel


Q: What happens if I fail to upload the approved tour programme/ tour approval note within 15 days of the Emergency travel?

A: Your next permit request for the same vehicle will not be accepted by the portal.


Q: How do I upload the copy of tour approval note after completion of my Emergency tour?

A: On your Home Page, click on “Upload Previous Tour Approval”, you will be prompted to enter the permit no of your emergency tour permit issued. You may upload your approval note in the given field.


Q: What if I do not find my permit in the download permit even after applying as prescribed?

A: Your application may not have been viewed by the Home Department admin, you may call the concerned officer in the phone number provided at “Contact Us” in the Home Page.









Q: Do I have to pay while applying the permit for Private Tour outside the state?

A: Yes, @ Rs. 200/day, which will be auto calculated for number of days outside the state.


Q: How do I pay the permit fees?

A: The payment of fees is enabled in the portal itself through payment gateway. You may choose the options available from UPI / Credit Card/Debit Card /Net Banking to QR Code.


Q: Do I need to wait for approval for private tour permit after applying online?

A: No, your permit for private tour will be auto generated on successful payment of requisite fees.


Q: Do I need to produce my permit on return journey also?

A: Yes, your permit will be checked both during exit as well as entry (return) to the State.


Q: What if I am unable to view my permit even after successful payment?

A: For resolving any issues as such, you may call the phone numbers provided at Contact Us.


Q: What if I am unable to travel for some reason after making the payment?

A: The permit once issued cannot be cancelled. In order to avoid complications, it is recommended that the permits are applied only for confirmed travel.






Q: Do I need to pay for Inter-District travel crossing the state border? (Eg: Gangtok to Jorethang via Rangpo&Melli)

A: Nopermit fee is required forinter district travel (Official & Private) by government vehicle. However, you will need to apply in the “Inter-District Tour” field and not on “Official or Private Tour” field in the Type of permit required.


Q: Do I need to wait for approval for Inter-district tour?

A: No, your permit for Inter-district tour can be downloaded on successful submission of traveldetails.




Q:Do double digit vehicles need to apply for permit to cross the State Border?

A: Excluding the vehicles attached with the dignitaries specified under Clause 4 of the Circular no: Home/Protocol/2023/445, dated 23.11.2023, all double digit vehicles require the online permits for crossing the State Border, however their permit will be auto generated on successful submission of the form.


Q: Do double digit vehicles require payment of fees for private tours outside the State?

A: Alldouble digit vehicles are exempted from payment of fees for crossing the State border.



Departments like Home, Tourism & Civil Aviation and Transport, who have officers stationed outside the state (eg:Siliguri), may issue a “Certificate of Place of Posting” / Posting Order to their officers posted outside the state. The same need to be uploaded while applying for a reverse permit to Head Quarter.

Q: How do I come to Headquarter (Sikkim) using government vehicle if I have some official work?     

A: You may apply in the same Official Tour Page of the portal. However in place of uploading of Tour Approval, you may upload the “Certificate of Place of Posting” or your valid Posting Order. Your official travel shall be approved by the Home Department Admin based on these documents. You may choose to select “Sikkim” in the ‘Travelling to *’ fieldof the form.


Q: How about while travelling to Sikkim for a private purpose?

A: For Private Travel, you may apply in the Private Tour page paying the requisite fees.

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